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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restoring Dental Form and Function

full mouth reconstruction, before and after pictures

Full mouth reconstruction is comprehensive care dentistry for the patient who suffers from a broken down dentition in form and/or function; where one or both arches of teeth must be restored. Restorations are typically accomplished with porcelain crowns and/or porcelain veneers.

Many times the need for full-mouth dentistry is based on a problem within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which is caused by a poor bite. This combination of problems often results in the teeth being worn and broken to the point that all of them need to be restored. With proper planning and treatment, it is possible to restore teeth to a state of health as good if not better than the teeth have ever been.

Proper diagnosis of the problem and planning the treatment is every bit as important as the treatment itself. Dr. Gioffre uses models,which are 3D wax renderings of the proposed new crowns, and special appliances to ensure that the new bite is made in a position comfortable to the patient.

Once the treatment planning phase is completed, the teeth are prepared for the restorations and temporaries are placed. These temporaries look just like the models made in wax and allow the patient a chance to give final approval on all cosmetic concerns while the new porcelain restorations are being made. This also allows us to confirm that the bite is comfortable and stable.

Finally the new restorations are placed and the patient can smile and function with confidence.

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