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Digital Dental Impressions System

Dental technology that system creates an exact digital replica of your teeth.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

dental impression with scanner

The Digital Impression System is state-of-the-art dental technology that system creates an exact replica of your teeth. The results are a more accurate fitting crown, bridge or Invisalign impression. iTero Element scans are engineered to work with the Invisalign system, thus providing a more accurate and precise fitting for Invisalign aligners.

After the scan, a 3D virtual model appears on the screen. The results are immediate. The image model is instantly available and can be sent to the dental lab to exactly reproduce crowns that match the original teeth.

The intraoral scanner is designed to deliver speed, reliability, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities. We can help patients in ways that we could not easily do before. Communications with patients is improved a they can see exactly what the dental professional sees at the same time.

dental impression with puttyThe intraoral scanner replaces conventional impressions which are taken with dental putty; Uncomfortable, messy, and unpleasantness are eliminated. With our state of the art digital imaging, the only thing that touches your teeth is the tip of a hand held wand.


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