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Natural looking custom designed dentures

wilmington custon designed dentures

Custom dentures are a prosthetic replacement for lost teeth that are made with acrylic and/or acrylic with metal substructures.

Full and Partial Dentures

These dental appliances are called full dentures, when all teeth on one or both jaws are missing. When the dental appliance spans a gap of missing teeth it is referred to as a partial denture or removable dental bridge, where some natural teeth are still present in the jaw being treated. Non-removable dental bridges are available. These are called a cemented or fixed dental bridge.

Custom designed dentures match your remaining teeth

Dr. Gioffre works with each patient to choose the correct and most esthetic tooth size and tooth color so results achieved are very predictable.

Dr. Gioffre has the training to not only to fabricate your dentures, but also to incorporate implants for denture retention. Utilizing two to four dental implants beneath a full denture can offer a superior level of chewing power and denture retention. You never have to worry about a loose denture again.

Dental implants prevent the loss of jaw bone due to chewing pressures on the gums.

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