Operation Smile – Dominican Republic Dental Mission 2017

Dr. Gioffre became involved with operation Smile in 1996. He and First State Dental Staff support the benefit for children worldwide by traveling to distant countries to treat impoverished children with severe cleft palate conditions and other surgical and oral health needs.

Highlights of the Dominican Republic Dental Mission 2017

  • 622 Patients treated
  • 1980 Total procedures

The countries represented by our 20 volunteers: Dominican Republic,  Philippines,  Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and USA.

Awesome team great patients.

Thank you UNIBE, Colgate, Paul Ricardo Martinez Efres, Giancarlo Brache, Cerise Bronte-Blemings de Brache, Asha Patel and to all the students and the team of Opsmile volunteers.

First State Dental Operation Smile 2017 Staff